Kyle Scott for Federal Member of Parliament
Kyle Scott for Federal Member of Parliament

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About Kyle Scott

Kyle Scott has been a lawyer practicing in Alberta, Canada for over 25 years, graduating with both his Law Degree and M.B.A. from the University of Western Ontario in 1991.  In his earlier days before Law School, Kyle served in the King’s Own Calgary Regiment as a Reserve Armour Officer while attending the University of Calgary (Biochemistry and History).  

After his Articles at a large Calgary firm (Code Hunter), Mr. Scott has worked in a variety of legal settings from sole practitioner to large national law firm, and has been in-house counsel with a variety of companies, most involved in oil and gas (Suncor) or information technology (FutureLink, SecuSolutions, etc.), and he also served as an analyst with the Alberta Stock Exchange (prior to its merger into the TSX-V Exchange). While Mr. Scott has spent most of his life in Calgary, he worked for over 8 years as a senior lawyer and head of regulatory applications for Suncor, with over 7 of those years based in Fort McMurray, before returning to Calgary in 2012.  He is now head of his own boutique firm with his practice focused on corporate and commercial law – Craft Law Group.

On a personal side, Kyle holds strong values and is steadfast pillar for his wife, Yolanta, his other family and friends. He contributes many hours volunteering in the community as a Shriner raising funds for Children’s Hospitals in Canada and United States, as well as serving as a volunteer Director of Alberta Easter Seals, who raise funds to support persons with limited abilities. Kyle loves spending his extra time hunting, motorcycle riding and reading. According to Yolanta, he is a fabulous grill master and has perfected the secret Scott Family Chilli Recipe. 

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NOTE: Thank you for your support. As per the Canada Elections Act, the Kyle Scott PPC campaign cannot accept corporate or business donations. Please ensure any form of contributions are from your personal resources.  Thanks for your co-operation

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